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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

* Kyle Rose (krose@krose.org) wrote:
> > Can someone explain what is going on here?
> IMO, Debian has always been a little slow about these things, which
> has something to do with its quality.  (I.e., Debian is very stable
> precisely because it changes so slowly.)  Once every other
> distribution on earth has a native AMD64 port, Debian will follow.
> Until then, there's always Gentoo, which seems to have very active
> AMD64 development.

Yeah, so, that's a load of bullshit. :)  Debian is slow in this regard
only because people are trying to get 32/64bit handling to work in our
intelligent packaging system in a sane and reasonable way that doesn't
require changing every source package in the archive.  As has been
pointed out previously, a full 64bit-only amd64 port by Debian wouldn't
take much time at all if someone was willing and able to spend the time
on it.

There was another issue someone pointed out to me, eventually upstream
people are probably going to be changing their build systems to install 
things into /lib64/ on amd64 which will make maintaining a full 64bit
port more difficult (probably).


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