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Re: biarch gcc not built with 64-bit mode?

>>>>> "Yarik" == Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> writes:

    Yarik> On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 05:27:25PM +0100, Roland Fehrenbacher wrote:
    Yarik> better to port all basic packages from the frozen base first and
    Yarik> then start maintaining it as well as the rest of packages.
    >> This is actually not as hard as you think, since we wouldn't be too far
    >> away from the main branch. Critical things like perl or other very
    >> fundamental packages should have the same or very similar versions. In
    >> any case, one could always check whether the most recent version from
    >> unstable causes problems, and if yes fall back to the version in the
    >> frozen tree.
    Yarik> Backporting unstable i386 into testing i386 is not that much of work
    Yarik> when you have all dependancies ported already as well in one or
    Yarik> another way. Porting into another arch might be more challenging.. I
    Yarik> just checked diff* files from arnd and bart's apt sources, there are
    Yarik> some quite big diffs and they differ significantly seems to me from
    Yarik> one version of maintrunk debian package to another. So it is a bit
    Yarik> different and might not be that straightforward. And in the end we
    Yarik> might end up with same situation as it is now I think

You are very well right. But I think there is no need to really decide this in
general. Why not let every developer decide for himself which version he wants
to port, and how much effort he wants to put in? As said in my previous mail,
for the packages I would port, I would get the main debian version, and if it
is too hard to fix because of dependencies, I would fall back to the version
from our frozen tree.

Also keep in my mind that we might be urged to update some packages in our
frozen i386 repository for some reasons (security, stability, ...). But in any
case we would have a well controlled (by ourselves) repository, until the final
merge would be done at some point. Ideally, we would even have our own
testing/unstable branch.

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