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Re: biarch gcc not built with 64-bit mode?

BTW if you want to see packages I've got installed with appropriate
versions of them so you can use apt-get install bla=1.0 to install them
if you're using the same apt-sources as I do



On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 02:57:44PM -0800, Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:
> I'm a little confused about the current state of package.  The version
> skew between amd64 port and unstable seems to be wide enough that it
> isn't possible to install the system currently.  Certainly I can't
> install lib64c6, because it wants to pull in a libc6 which will require
> the removal of every package on the system.  By extension lib64gcc1
> cannot be installed.  
> Should amd64 experimenters continue to use Arnd's packages from June?
> -jwb
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