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Re: biarch gcc not built with 64-bit mode?

>>>>> "Yarik" == Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> writes:

    Yarik> Should it be reasonable if we do next steps as to make whole project
    Yarik> less confusing and conflicting?

    Yarik> 1. Grab debian unstable mirror as of now and put somewhere so
    Yarik> everybody can access it (I can host it if you like). And freeze its
    Yarik> state for now (with hope that it doesn't have havily broken
    Yarik> dependancies). So none of the packages would be updated from the
    Yarik> main debian trunk till some point and we have exact original
    Yarik> packages and sources (now it is not the case because some amd64
    Yarik> packages might not have original i386 packages available already
    Yarik> anywhere I believe) I've created a mirror from bart, arnd and
    Yarik> alioths packages alltogether and installed kinda working system
    Yarik> (using of cause a bit of handcrafting: adjusted /etc/ld.so.conf
    Yarik> file, as well as link /usr/bin/gcc -> /usr/local/gcc.bart). Also
    Yarik> I've defined /etc/apt/preferences file (was reported before on the
    Yarik> list) so I give preference to the old versioned packages from the
    Yarik> amd64 distro before fresh unstable packages.


I think we absolutely need some kind of frozen code base to do the porting
against. A small point I would change though: For each new (amd64 or biarch
package) I would use the most recent source from unstable, so we don't fall too
behind compared to the ix86 unstable.

    Yarik>  List of packages I've installed so far and their exact version is
    Yarik> available from http://www.onerussian.com/amd64/node10.packages so
    Yarik> can risk and try something like apt-get install `cat
    Yarik> node10.packages`.  If you want I can put all the mirrors I've
    Yarik> created available for public and put sources.list I have to access
    Yarik> them to make your life even easier. The

    Yarik> 2. Using already existing and kinda working hand crafted system
    Yarik> installed using old toolchain and other (bart, alioth) existing and
    Yarik> conflicting apt sources we can start rebuilding toolchain and other
    Yarik> packages using diff files from bart or arnd as the start
    Yarik> point. Doing this way we have a chance to be consistent.

I am just in the process of creating a new 3.3.2 gcc package suite. There are a
couple of things still to be fixed compared to the current pre4 package from
Arnd. g77 -m64 for instance doesn't work because of missing libraries. This
shouldn't be too difficult to fix though.

    Yarik> 3. After all basic packages are ported with all proper dependancies
    Yarik> and all necessary packages and Release and Packages files present we
    Yarik> can start maintaining them to catch up with the main debian trunk.

If we do what I suggested above, the catch up with the main debian trunk will
be much less work.

    Yarik> So far attempts to intermix steps 2 and 3 brought too much confusion
    Yarik> seems to me.

Yes, I agree. It is always hard to develop against a moving target.

    Yarik> Does it sound reasonable???

Totally, to me at least.

    Yarik> On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 04:52:29PM -0800, Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:
    >> On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 15:49, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote: > To clear
    >> everything for me who is even more confused: > where did you get
    >> packages to install from? alioth repository? bart's > site? original
    >> chainkit?
    >> > 
    >> > I've got them installed somehow over unstable debian though some >
    >> packages had to be removed but big deal is left :-)
    >> Well, that's the trick isn't it?  The packages from alioth just don't
    >> work (for me).  gcc-3.3 from alioth can't compile 64-bit binaries and in
    >> any case lib64gcc1 cannot be installed because of its libc6 dependency,
    >> which is unavailable.  I installed the toolchain from packages taken off
    >> Bart's site and Arnd's site, which allowed me to build the kernel, then
    >> I immediately reverted to the unstable i386 versions.
    >> I'm getting lots of segfaults in bash and "bad address" libc problems,
    >> as mentioned in the bug report thread.
    >> -jwb
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