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Re: Renaming this list into debian-amd64

OK finally that darn NDA expired and I can talk. What I'm working with
right now is an ASUS SK8N Prototype (new rev) and an AMD Opteron 144
Prototype (also new rev). We got that from AMD and ASUS For debugging,
testing and benching for our hardware magazine and now that the article
is finally online (although it's German) I get to keep that system.

So far, it's being recognized as x86-64 (uname -m) and unknown (uname
-p), running SuSE Linux x86-64 since the x86-64 Debian port ain't
available yet.
Right now I replaced my old Athlon 900 with that baby and moved my
Debian (which btw was a bitch to do and it took me all saturday, going
from KT133 -> nForce3: not easy!) with 32-bit Kernel. To be honest, I'm
glad that I got rid of SuSE but hey, besides Mandrake which I was unable
to find on any FTP-Server, there is no other x86-64 port available yet.
If - and only if - AMD really says the official name is AMD64 then let
it be - but I don't like it. Sounds to me as if they're trying to copy
IA64 which is a bad thing to do, the IA64 architecture ain't
x86-compatible and has an IA32 emulation that is as slow as a Pentium

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 18:36, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Martin Jungowski wrote:
> > I'd say it whould remain x86-64 since that is more technical. AMD64
> > sounds like a marketing thing to me, after all they don't call their
> > Athlon XP and Duron AMD32
> Amd said amd64 is the official architecture name, this is most
> probably also the name gcc, Linux and dpkg will recognise.
> Regards,
> 	Joey
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