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Re: new X server doesn't find input devices

On 11/10/11 19:52, Bob Tracy wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 12:51:47AM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
>> Perhaps a stupid question, but does it then follow that the Xserver
>> "AutoAddDevices" functionality depends only on things entirely
>> within X?  That would at least narrow down the target audience for a
>> bug report...
> Never mind: I misunderstood.  X has been using udev for some time
> (rather than hal/dbus).  There are several existing debian-bug threads
> concerning this issue, which is believed to be resolved by upgrading
> udev, which we (Alpha community) are not quite ready to do until a few
> newly-implemented syscalls make it into the mainline kernel.

It's working fine at my end.  Radeon card in a PWS600au,  Xserver
2:1.11.1-1, the packages udev, libudev0 and libgudev-1.0-0 all held at
version 166-1.  I have no xorg.conf file.  Desktop opened and mouse and
keyboard work fine.

Probably only major difference is that I am running KMS which currently
requires a custom built kernel (or the very latest from kernel.org).
Nice -- makes this 13 year old Alpha appear astonishingly modern!

The DRM Gallium driver must have very recently been enabled in the mesa
packages, as it has just appeared and, what's more, it works!  Bloody
brilliant.  This must be the first time DRM has worked on Debian Alpha
since Etch!


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