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Re: alpha architecture imported in debian-ports.org

On 19/05/2011, at 10:35 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
 The quoted build time for the
standard kernel package is unexpectedly high for the "fire-breathing"
Alpha: I suppose that's due to building a kernel with *everything*
enabled in the config,

Yeah, the Debian kernel build includes just about every device driver under the sun. Nice if you have some weird PCI card or kinky USB device plugged into your Alpha (I have had some interesting combinations) but not of much interest to those running stock standard Alphas.

Would offering the use of my PWS as a buildd pool member be at all useful?

We expect to have two dual-cpu A1200s and two XP1000s for build daemons. While those are not nearly as powerful as the official Debian buildds (being four-cpu ES45) I still hope they can make a dent in the backlog once they are going.

Craig Prescott has also offered a CS20 as a buildd and I also see that Adrian Zaugg has suggested an ES45 for the mix. With one of those I think we will then have plenty!

I also have two PWS600au that are doing next to nothing at the moment but with the above I don't think we need to draw on the PWSes. So thanks for your offer, but at this point I think there is enough horse power been promised for the barn.


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