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Re: Problems with linker on Alpha

On 03/05/11 12:32, Alan Modra wrote:
> On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 12:26:22PM -0700, Richard Henderson wrote:
>> That plugin test, as far as I know, isn't system specific and fails
>> for all targets.
> Passes as of 2011-04-18

Fails on Alpha at 2011-05-28.  In particular the following tests fail:

FAIL: plugin claimfile lost symbol
FAIL: plugin claimfile replace symbol
FAIL: plugin claimfile resolve symbol

Going back to the first one the ld.log file contains:

Hello from testplugin.
tv[0]: LDPT_MESSAGE func@0x0x120028690
tv[1]: LDPT_API_VERSION value        0x1 (1)
tv[2]: LDPT_GNU_LD_VERSION value       0xdd (221)
tv[3]: LDPT_LINKER_OUTPUT value        0x1 (1)
tv[4]: LDPT_OUTPUT_NAME 'tmpdir/main.x'
tv[5]: LDPT_REGISTER_CLAIM_FILE_HOOK func@0x0x120027ce0
tv[6]: LDPT_REGISTER_ALL_SYMBOLS_READ_HOOK func@0x0x120027c50
tv[7]: LDPT_REGISTER_CLEANUP_HOOK func@0x0x120027bc0
tv[8]: LDPT_ADD_SYMBOLS func@0x0x120028330
tv[9]: LDPT_GET_INPUT_FILE func@0x0x120027b60
tv[10]: LDPT_RELEASE_INPUT_FILE func@0x0x120027b00
tv[11]: LDPT_GET_SYMBOLS func@0x0x120027f20
tv[12]: LDPT_ADD_INPUT_FILE func@0x0x120027e90
tv[13]: LDPT_ADD_INPUT_LIBRARY func@0x0x120027e00
tv[14]: LDPT_SET_EXTRA_LIBRARY_PATH func@0x0x120027d70
tv[15]: LDPT_OPTION 'registerclaimfile'
tv[16]: LDPT_OPTION 'registerallsymbolsread'
tv[17]: LDPT_OPTION 'registercleanup'
tv[18]: LDPT_OPTION 'claim:tmpdir/func.o'
tv[19]: LDPT_NULL value        0x0 (0)
hook called: claim_file tmpdir/main.o [@0/4320] not claimed
hook called: claim_file tmpdir/func.o [@0/3288] CLAIMED
hook called: claim_file tmpdir/text.o [@0/2472] not claimed
hook called: all symbols read.
/home/mjc/toolchain/binutils.git/ld/ld-new: warning: cannot find entry
symbol _start; defaulting to 00
tmpdir/main.o: In function `main':
undefined reference to `func'
undefined reference to `func'
hook called: cleanup.
regexp_diff match failure
regexp "^hook called: cleanup.$"
undefined reference to `fun

The regular expression in testsuite/ld-plugin/plugin-6.d only expects
one line with the "undefined reference to `func'" but on Alpha two such
(identical) lines are generated.

Should two such lines really be printed (i.e. is this a bug in the Alpha
linker) or should the regexp be updated to cope with the possibility of
the undefined reference line being printed twice?


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