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Re: manipulating FPU rounding modes on alpha


>> This seems to be a misunderstanding. If the module is loaded, everything
>> is fine; if it is not loaded, I get the same errors as you. So the other
>> EV56 behaves exactly like your machine.
> Well that makes sense then.  Well hopefully as soon as the kernel
> packaging bug is fixed then the problem will go away.  In the mean time
> EV6 and higher machines are OK, and any machine running an SMP kernel
> is OK too (since they have math_emu built in).  The cgal package is fine
> and is just unfortunately affected by a bug in the kernel package.

Your analysis regarding EV6 and above is not correct. The package fails
on EV56 and below without math_emu for obvious reasons. According to
www.buildd.net, the buildd ds10 is an EV6. On this machine the package
fails with an error slightly different from EV56 without math_emu. The
reasons for the error on ds10 is still unknown, in particular, whether
it is caused by a bug in the package itself.


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