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Re: Does the Linux kernel for alpha support CONFIG_PREEMPT?

On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 12:17:16AM -0400, Tom Evans wrote:
> I use a 3124-2 based eSata card with a 4726-based port muliplier 
> array/case, (plus the PMP patches).
> I then attempt to create a a raid6 array on 4 drives - the machine 
> freezes something fierce during the process.
> Can barely key a keystroke in and the machine will not respond to pings.

Well raid6 is pretty cpu intensive.  Also during the initial sync it
will by default try to use all disk bandwidth.  You can adjust the max
speed for resync using sysctl (or echo in /proc).  By default the max is
200000 KB/s, which I tend to change to 20000 KB/s to make the machine
useable while doing a resync.  I have only done raid1 with software so
far though (which is not cpu intensive at all).  Not sure what
difference the port expander would make.

> I moved the card (64bit PCI-X) to the first slot - things got better - 
> the machine would go in and out of responsiveness.
> The array built in about 3 hours, but still seems weird.  No unaligned 
> access eating up time, that I checked.
> Maybe I can try a differnt eSata card with port multiplier support - any 
> suggestions?

Not sure how many support port multipliers.

Len Sorensen

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