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Re: Does the Linux kernel for alpha support CONFIG_PREEMPT?

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 11:26:36PM -0400, Tom Evans wrote:
> Darn - it was suggested that a performance issue I'm having with a Sil 
> 3124 based pci-x esata card and a port multiplier might be helped with 
> pre-emption enabled - just not for Alpha :)
> I know that the DS20 often has PCI issues - anyone know of what may 
> cause issues with a 64bit PCI-X card on the machine?
> Any recommended placements for such thing?
> I have 3 64 bit cards in the machine, a VIA gig ethernet, a combo 
> scsi/ethernet card and the 3124-2 based eSata card ....

What kind of performance issues are you having?

Sil (used to be CMD) hardly has a history of making good controllers.
Rather on the contrary.

Preempt tends to try and improve latancy for user applications at the
expense of the kernel and drivers, so not likely to improve things for
the sata controller, in fact more likely to give it even worse

Len Sorensen

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