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Re: Does the Linux kernel for alpha support CONFIG_PREEMPT?

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
What kind of performance issues are you having?

I use a 3124-2 based eSata card with a 4726-based port muliplier array/case, (plus the PMP patches).

I then attempt to create a a raid6 array on 4 drives - the machine freezes something fierce during the process.
Can barely key a keystroke in and the machine will not respond to pings.

I moved the card (64bit PCI-X) to the first slot - things got better - the machine would go in and out of responsiveness. The array built in about 3 hours, but still seems weird. No unaligned access eating up time, that I checked.

Sil (used to be CMD) hardly has a history of making good controllers.
Rather on the contrary.
Maybe I can try a differnt eSata card with port multiplier support - any suggestions?

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