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Xorg 7 fixed on alpha

Hi folks,

I'm happy to report that after quite a bit of hunting, bug #392500 is fixed
in xorg-server 2:1.1.1-14 in incoming.  That means we finally have an X
server newer than Xorg 6.9 which works on alpha.  One RC bug down... :)

Please test if this version of xserver-xorg-core fixes any problems you
might have been having with X on alphas (specifically, ev56 and above).  The
bug that was identified was pervasive enough that it potentially explains
any number of failures with drivers of all sorts, but there may be other
latent bugs that were obscured by the fact that the X server as a whole was
broken. :)  If you are still seeing other breakage with X on alpha, you will
need to report these bugs soon for there to be any chance of fixing them for

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