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Re: D-I: two failed recent installations - please check

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 22:45, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Well, *I* wanted d-i RC2 to be released a month ago too, but that

/me too, or at least mid December

> didn't happen. :)   But doing it this way means that there's no
> opportunity to update the installation manual to make sure it matches
> what actually gets released as d-i RC2.

Well, functionally D-I is as good as frozen, so I don't really see that as 
a problem.

> I think having a releasable manual in time for d-i RC2 is a fine idea,
> but the timeline given suggests that there's no room for updates after
> RC2 is finalized.

If there are really important changes and if there is sufficient time for 
translation updates, we can always consider doing an extra release after 
the current scheduled ones.

Also, I intend to keep updating the manual for Etch after the release 
(just as we did for Sarge); we can even try to get those included in 
point releases.

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