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Re: Xorg 7 fixed on alpha

Steve Langasek wrote:
> (...) xorg-server 2:1.1.1-14 (...)
> Please test if this version of xserver-xorg-core fixes any problems you
> might have been having with X on alphas (specifically, ev56 and above).

You guys are awesome...  Finally screwed up my courage and put my ATI
card back in my 433au, and it works beautifully.  Currently running at
1024x768, 16-bit depth, 70.1 Hz refresh.

Summary configuration: 433au running "Sarge" plus lots of upgrades from
the testing and unstable pools.  Kernel today is 2.6.20-rc4 built from
the standard kernel.org sources.  "modprobe radeonfb" has this to say
about what's in the machine:

radeonfb: Found Intel x86 BIOS ROM Image
radeonfb: Retrieved PLL infos from BIOS
radeonfb: Reference=27.00 MHz (RefDiv=12) Memory=250.00 Mhz, System=200.00 MHz
radeonfb: PLL min 20000 max 35000
radeonfb: Monitor 1 type CRT found
radeonfb: Monitor 2 type no found
radeonfb (0000:00:0c.0): ATI Radeon QW

Xorg.0.log says:

(--) PCI:*(0:12:0) ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500] rev 0, Mem @ 0x10000000/28, 0x09260000/16, I/O @ 0x9000/8, BIOS @ 0x09240000/17

Card is a PowerColor RV2P-3B w/64 MB of 64-bit DDR SDRAM, i.e., not

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