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Re: build failure of CppUnit

Steve Robbins <smr@sumost.ca> writes:

> Quoting Falk Hueffner <falk@debian.org>:
>> Steve Robbins <smr@sumost.ca> writes:
>>> Quoting Falk Hueffner <falk@debian.org>:
>>>> "smr@sumost" <smr@sumost.ca> writes:
>>>>> A new upload of CppUnit with a tiny bugfix is failing in a
>>>>> completely different region of the code.  Thus I expect it is a
>>>>> toolchain problem. Could one of you have a look?
>>>> From my experience, it might as well be bug in the program.
>>> You could be right.  I already explained why I think this is not the case.
>>> It should be trivial for someone with an alpha machine to
>>> pull down the older version and try to build it.
>> You seem to think that a source working with one version of the
>> toolchain, but not another, indicates a toolchain bug. This is not the
>> case.
> It's not definitive, no.
> But it doesn't matter what is at fault.  The issue is: the last upload of
> cppunit doesn't build on alpha.  Troubleshooting it requires someone with
> expertise in, and access to, an alpha system.  I have neither.  I assume
> most of the readers of debian-alpha have both.

The thing is, the first step, which is creating a minimal testcase,
does not require alpha expertise, but it does require knowledge of the
package (how to rebuild parts, knowing which parts can be left out
etc). Therefore, it makes much more sense if the maintainer does it.
If you can't find an account on an Alpha machine, I can give you one.


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