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build failure of CppUnit


A new upload of CppUnit with a tiny bugfix is failing in a completely different region of the code. Thus I expect it is a toolchain problem. Could one of you have a look?

Today's build of 1.12.0-2 failed
using Toolchain package versions: libc6.1-dev_2.3.6.ds1-7 linux-kernel-headers_2.6.18-3 gcc-4.1_4.1.1-19 g++-4.1_4.1.1-19 binutils_2.17-3 libstdc++6-4.1-dev_4.1.1-19 libstdc++6_4.1.1-19

July 22 build of 1.12.0-1 succeeded
using Toolchain package versions: libc6.1-dev_2.3.6-15 linux-kernel-headers_2.6.17.1-1 gcc-4.1_4.1.1-9 g++-4.1_4.1.1-9 binutils_2.17-1 libstdc++6-4.1-dev_4.1.1-9 libstdc++6_4.1.1-9

GCC has changed from 4.1.1-9 to 4.1.1-19, for example.

The last time cppunit failed to build, it crashed in the same region of code (XmlUniformiserTest::testAssertXmlEqual) and ultimately turned out to be a toolchain bug in m68k: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=340563

To start with, if someone could build cppunit 1.12.0-1 with an up-to-date unstable system, we could confirm or reject my hypothesis that it is a toolchain problem. Thanks,-Steve

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