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Re: build failure of CppUnit

Quoting Falk Hueffner <falk@debian.org>:

The thing is, the first step, which is creating a minimal testcase,
does not require alpha expertise, but it does require knowledge of the
package (how to rebuild parts, knowing which parts can be left out
etc). Therefore, it makes much more sense if the maintainer does it.

I don't agree that it requires intimate knowledge of the package in
question.  I think it requires more skill with a debugger and knowledge
of alpha internals.

For the case in question, it is an executable that is failing.  So you
have your test case.  Just fire up a debugger to see what's going wrong
and work out the minimal example from there.  My bet is that it's likely
to require someone with alpha knowledge to spot the problem.

If you can't find an account on an Alpha machine, I can give you one.

Sure.  Send me the details encrypted to smr@debian.org.


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