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Re: Simple question? AlphaStation refuses to boot...

    This could be the same problem I've been experiencing trying to
install debian on my Multia. I was trying to install Debian 3.1 alpha,
but it hung during the aboot process everytime. Googling, I found
mention on usenet that some alpha machines simply won't boot the newer
debian releases for install, but that you can install the debian 3.0r6
potato release, and then do dist-upgrades to get the newer stuff
installed and running.
     So far I've been able to get 3.0r6 to boot okay, and start the
install, but am getting "corrupt file" errors during the "base
install" part, which I'm convinced at this point is simply a bad cdrom
drive -- it's quite old, won't read CD-RW at all, so I'll replace that
and try again.

On 2/3/06, AS200 (sent by Nabble.com) <lists@nabble.com> wrote:
>  I think (hope( this may be an easy one...
> Im quite new to linux and completly new to apha hardware. I am trying to
> install linux from CD on an Alphastation 200. But I cannot get it going, it
> is always the same result:
> boot DKA400 -flags 0
> block 0 of dka400 is a valid boot block
> reading 172 blocks from dka400.
> bootstrap code read in
> base = 1f2000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 15800 initializing HWRPB at
> 2000 initializing page table at le4000 initializing machine state setting
> affinity to the primary CPU jumping to bootstrap code
> ...after that an _ appears in the bottom left corner on the screen than
> nothing more. CD Drive lamp flashes maybe 10seconds and then ... nothing.
> Have tried some variations of the boot command but with no different result.
> Instalation manual
> http://www.us.debian.org/releases/stable/alpha/ch05s01.html.en
> Suggests: boot xxxx -flags 0 (where xxxx is the CDROM)
> http://www.debian.org/releases/slink/alpha/ch-rescue-boot.en.html
> Suggests: "Booting from CD-ROM is simply a question of putting the CD-ROM in
> the drive and booting"
> http://alum.wpi.edu/~tfraser/Stories/alphalinux.html
> Suggests: boot dka600 -file boot/linux
> The boot command boots the Linux kernel, which should start the Debian
> install program automatically.
> http://www.pancake.org/geek/as200.html
> I have NOT tried this yes as it suggest changing to ARC and others seems to
> primarily suggest SRC.
> Anyone that can give me some advice?
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Harmon Seaver

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