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Multia Install

   Well, tried a different scsi cdrom -- this one's a bit faster, but
the install still stops during the "base install" with corrupt file
errors, and it doesn't seem to matter which iso I try (30r5,30r6, or
even putting in the 31r1 disk after booting the install with 30r6) it
can't get further than installing telnet. When it hits that, I get a
file corrupt error. Previously I was getting that earlier with all
sorts of files, but if I just kept restarting the base install it
would get past those.
    So the question is -- does anyone know if these iso are truly
corrupt or is it a hardware problem or what? I've got 256mb ram, I was
earlier trying to make the ramdisk 64mb instead of the default 16mb,
but that didn't seem to help.

Harmon Seaver

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