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Re: AlphaServer 4100


The full list of AlphaBIOS key sequences:

         F1   Ctrl/A
         F2   Ctrl/B
         F3   Ctrl/C
         F4   Ctrl/D
         F5   Ctrl/E
         F6   Ctrl/F
         F7   Ctrl/P
         F8   Ctrl/R
         F9   Ctrl/T
        F10   Ctrl/U
     Insert   Ctrl/V
     Delete   Ctrl/W
  Backspace   Ctrl/H
     Escape   Ctrl/[
     Return   Ctrl/M
   LineFeed   Ctrl/J
   (Plus) +   upselect (some systems)
  (Minus) -   downselect (some systems)
        TAB   down arrow
   SHIFT+TAB  up arrow

>>>I have acquired an old DEC AlphaServer 4100. I am attempting to
>>>install Debian Alpha on it, but I can't seem to get the boot process
>>>down. I'd like it to halt at the SRM firmware ("P00>>>" is the prompt,
>>>white text on blue background), but it boots straight into AlphaBios.
>>>Normally this wouldn't be an issue, since AlphaBios notices the lack
>>>of an OS and prompts you to go into Setup and sort that out ("No
>>>Operating System Selections Found Press <F2> to enter Setup and
>>>configure the system. F2=Setup"). However, the problem is that I can't
>>>seem to send any keystroke data to the COM1 backend! No matter which
>>>keys I press, nothing happens.
>>>Anyway, my hope is that some people familiar with this have a way for
>>>me to force a boot into SRM firmware, which I have dealt with before
>>>and from which I foresee little trouble in booting my Debian boot CD.
>>>Here's hoping! Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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