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Re: AlphaServer 4100

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 16:55:59 -0800
Sean Spencer <cagedbird@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello!
> I have acquired an old DEC AlphaServer 4100. I am attempting to
> install Debian Alpha on it, but I can't seem to get the boot process
> down. I'd like it to halt at the SRM firmware ("P00>>>" is the prompt,
> white text on blue background), but it boots straight into AlphaBios.
> Normally this wouldn't be an issue, since AlphaBios notices the lack
> of an OS and prompts you to go into Setup and sort that out ("No
> Operating System Selections Found Press <F2> to enter Setup and
> configure the system. F2=Setup"). However, the problem is that I can't
> seem to send any keystroke data to the COM1 backend! No matter which
> keys I press, nothing happens.
> Anyway, my hope is that some people familiar with this have a way for
> me to force a boot into SRM firmware, which I have dealt with before
> and from which I foresee little trouble in booting my Debian boot CD.
> Here's hoping! Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
> --SS

Hello Sean,

I hope, this one helps a bit:

> Kevin Wood posted this ages ago:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Here is what you will need:
> AlphaBIOS Command List
> Note: Terminal Must Be Set to VT220!
> ESC         = ESC (For going to previous Menu)
> Ctrl-B      = F2
> Ctrl-U      = F10 (For saving changes)
> Ctrl-I      = Tab
> Ctrl-Enter  = Enter or Next Menu
> Ctrl-+      = Change Month Setting and Time Settings
>    -        = Previous Menu
> Space       = Space
> Backspace   = Backspace
> Number Keys = Number Keys (For Changing Date (PGUP & PGDN Do not Work)
> Letter Keys = Letter Keys (For Changing Menu Selections)
> Example for Changing Time
> When screen comes up, press space to bypass memory count.  Then press
> Ctrl-B to enter the AlphaBIOS menus (You may have to press this key
> combination a couple of times to access the menus).  Press Ctrl-I
> until
> the selection CMOS settings has been highlighted.  Press Ctrl-Enter to
> access the next screen. Use Ctrl-I to change between the Month, Day
> and Year Fields.  To change the Month, press Ctrl-+ until the you get
> the month you need.  Press Ctrl-I and then either use the number keys
> and enter the month or use the Ctrl-+ keys until the number comes up. 
> This same usage should apply to all the other features of AlphaBIOS.
> Tested using: PowerVT for NT Version and AlphaBIOS on the
> AlphaLX version 5.66.

If I'm not mistaken, you'll have to go into the Advanced Settings (F6?)
to change the used firmware and this one isn't mentioned here. So you'll
probably have to play a bit to find the right combination (or hook up a
spare monitor and keyboard ;-)).



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