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Re: The Last Word on UDMA on Alpha?

John Goerzen wrote:

What is the final word on what journaling filesystems work on Alpha?
From what I've heard here:

ext3: OK
JFS: broken
Reiser3: broken (but it works fine for me)
XFS: broken

I've been running my Personal Workstation on XFS for about a year now without problems.
I've fixed a bug in xfsdump, and that's ben integrated upstream.
I've also added XFS support to aboot. I've sent the patches to the upstream maintainer, and while he seemed enthousiastic, I have not heard from him since. Anybody interested ?

I'm not using IDE, btw. I've got an LSI (symbios) Ultra2 controller with matching harddisk. Works like a charm. I too tried a promise controller (Ultra100 TX2), and it never worked properly. I think I read somewhere once that the PWS generates too much electrical interference for the promise controller to work properly.


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