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The Last Word on UDMA on Alpha?

I've been running my IDE disks on my 164LX ever since I got it, and
they've run crappy the whole time.

I've never got the 32-bit support to work, and I'm not really sure I've
made DMA work either.  Turning on the 32-bit support is a sure recipe
for a crash, it seems.

My 164LX has two IDE controllers: its integrated, on-botherboard one
(the CMD646, I believe) and a Promise 20269 PCI card.  This PCI card can
do UDMA133 on a PC.

But I can't make it do that reliably on the Alpha.  I've got 2.6.9 on

Any ideas or suggestions?  Is IDE permenantly crapy on Alpha?  And if
so, why?


What is the final word on what journaling filesystems work on Alpha?
>From what I've heard here:

ext3: OK
JFS: broken
Reiser3: broken (but it works fine for me)
XFS: broken

Advice appreciated!


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