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New Installer & ReiserFS

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I just finished trying the new installer (from unstable).  Works great -- 
except it won't let me do an installation to ReiserFS (I wound up moving the 
results over to ReiserFS with tar once the installation completed -- what a 
pain)!  Spent a day digging around and finally came across the reason in bug 
report 251083:

> reassign -1 linux-kernel-di-alpha
> retitle -1 dont provide reiserfs modules
> thanks
> * Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de> [2004-05-26 18:15]:
> > > For root, you mean?
> > 
> > In generally the consensus seems that Reiser should be avoided on
> > alpha (at least on rh-axp and debian-alpha), for any partition.
> In this case, no reiserfs modules should be provided for alpha.
> (Maybe the same goes for XFS.)

I must say I would very much disagree and would like to see this reversed!

I did have some problems with kernel 2.4.18 when I first installed it (nearly 
two years ago), but have been using it exclusively ever since on about five 
Alpha boxes (with various 2.4.18+ and 2.6.x kernel versions) and have had 
absolutely no problem at all.

Could others please share their (semi recent) experiences?

Thanks & Later!  -T

PS:  Apart from not being able to install under my favorite filesystem, the 
new installer works great (I did both a bootp/tftp and a cdrom-mini install 
on a PWS500au)!  Congrats to all involved.  : )

PPS:  Maybe there should be a note somewhere in the guide that says you (or at 
least I had to) to pass "root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=16384 devfs=mount,dall" 
in the flags when booting off a network device to do a bootp/tftp install...

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