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Re: Installing on a DAC960 controller?

On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 08:28:18AM -0500, Nathan Poznick wrote:
> Sorry... the error message that I see from the DAC960 driver upon boot
> of the cd is:
> Unknown Initialization error FB at ...
> (and then it lists the PCI bus location and stuff which referrs to the
> card)

Interesting; I thought that error message came *after* checking for
the correct FW revision.

> So, it's seeing the card, but it's not able to use it (most likely as
> you point out, because it's not running the 2.73 firmware)

I'm not sure that's the problem...

> Hrm, I think part of the problem is that this is one of the controllers
> OEM'd by DEC, which is running the custom DEC firmware (of which 2.70 is
> the latest...I updated to that last night).

Ah, so you *are* running some FW that may pass muster by the driver, eh?
I've had good luck with that 2.70 FW on a card nearly identical to yours.

> The Manufacturing part number on it is D040349-4D-DEC, so according
> to LSI's cross reference list
> (http://www.lsilogic.com/techlib/marketing_docs/storage_stand_prod/raid/gam/dac960_cross_ref_list.txt)
> it is a DAC960PD-3.  My only fear with going to the 2.73 firmware is if
> it will continue to work at all after the firmware upgrade -- I don't
> know if the DEC firmware does something specific to this OEM'd card, if
> it does something specific to make it work on alphas, if only makes it
> work with Tru64/NT/VMS, or if it's perfectly safe to use.

I don't believe it is safe to try to update the FW with either of these

1. use DEC FW update utility and MYLEX FW
2. use MYLEX FW update utility and DEC FW

> So, the question of the hour is:  Has anyone successfully used the 2.73
> firmware on one of the DEC OEM DAC960PD-3's?

I believe I remember a report (from years ago) that an "officially
updated to 2.73 by MYLEX" DEC DAC960 did work, but I don't remember
any details, and don't know if MYLEX is still doing that kind of thing.

I've a couple of cards that exhibit that symptom (error FB); I've been
meaning to dig into the driver to see if I can understand what might
be going wrong but haven't had a chance. I'll see what I can do over
the next few days...


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