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Installing on a DAC960 controller?

I recently came into posession of an AS2100 4/275, and immediately
resolved myself to get Debian installed on it.  I've run into a snag
however, and that is the fact that the disks are on a DAC960-based
hardware RAID card.  I can boot the alpha install CD just fine, but
during the boot process the DAC960 driver informs me that I have an
unsupported card.  Now, I've found a glimmer of hope
but the root of some of my troubles seems to be the lack of a 2.4.x
option for the alpha install disks.  I see at
http://people.debian.org/~mckinstry/ports-status.html#alpha that some
progress has been made with debian-installer on alpha... can anyone shed
some light on where that stands (is it something that one could hack
together a working system with yet?).  Barring that, does anyone have
suggestions on how I could get Linux up and running on this system at
all? (Any kind of Linux would work...all I *really* need is to get
enough of a system running to bootstrap a Debian system :-).

ANY suggestions or comments would be welcome.


Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

"*I'm* your mother now, Frank." -Dr. Forrester. #513

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