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Re: unable to boot with floppies or CD on PC164LX (SRM console)

Hehehe. My Bad. Turns out the floppy drive was bad. ;-)
Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help. I had
forgotten I stole the floppy drive out of that alpha
since the floppy was never used and replaced it with
the broken one in my PC years ago, so no one would
notice. Oops!

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 02:41:43AM +0200, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> Timothy Timmons <tim@snes.org> writes:
> > I assembled a Sarge/alpha CD1 with jigdo today. No luck booting off
> > of the CD like the Install manual says should work fine. I am using
> > the right device.  I have tried booting it with both IDE and SCSI
> > cd-rom drives.
> > 
> > I keep getting the same error:
> > 
> > "Block 0 of devxxx is not a valid boot block"
> I don't know where you got those images, probably they're actually not
> bootable. You can try make them bootable with isomarkboot.
> > Same thing happens when I try to use a Woody/alpha rescue.bin floppy.
> Hmm, that should work. Do any other floppies work?
> > I notice in the alpha dir on all of the ftp sites/mirrors that there
> > is a file named "bootlx", but is not labeled in any way in any of
> > the docs or the readme.txt in the dir.
> It's the aboot boot loader.
> > I also seem to remember checking the ftp sites a week ago when I
> > decided to put Debian on this machine and seeing a special 164LX
> > floppy image dir along with the special Jensen floppy image dir.
> 164LX doesn't need a special kernel image... maybe you were looking at
> an ancient kernel 2.0 distribution.
> -- 
> 	Falk

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