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Re: unable to boot with floppies or CD on PC164LX (SRM console)

Timothy Timmons <tim@snes.org> writes:

> I assembled a Sarge/alpha CD1 with jigdo today. No luck booting off
> of the CD like the Install manual says should work fine. I am using
> the right device.  I have tried booting it with both IDE and SCSI
> cd-rom drives.
> I keep getting the same error:
> "Block 0 of devxxx is not a valid boot block"

I don't know where you got those images, probably they're actually not
bootable. You can try make them bootable with isomarkboot.

> Same thing happens when I try to use a Woody/alpha rescue.bin floppy.

Hmm, that should work. Do any other floppies work?

> I notice in the alpha dir on all of the ftp sites/mirrors that there
> is a file named "bootlx", but is not labeled in any way in any of
> the docs or the readme.txt in the dir.

It's the aboot boot loader.

> I also seem to remember checking the ftp sites a week ago when I
> decided to put Debian on this machine and seeing a special 164LX
> floppy image dir along with the special Jensen floppy image dir.

164LX doesn't need a special kernel image... maybe you were looking at
an ancient kernel 2.0 distribution.


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