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Re: ccc install

Well, "works" is relative, apparently from your description it doesn't quite work.

Which version of ccc did the .deb ask for, and which do you have? And which version of the ccc deb were you trying to install? The script does a couple of things to make this work which are somewhat non-trivial, and could have solve the problem you are seeing.

Richard Fillion wrote:

It may be ancient, but it "works".  I tried "apt-get install ccc" and
followed the instructions, but... seeing how i could not get the exact
version number for ccc that it wanted, i dont think it installed
properly.  I renmaed the rpm to match what the script was looking for,
but then afterwards it was complaining about a lack of
/usr/doc/ccc-x.x.x .  So i figured i'd try out other ways.

Richard Fillion

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 12:59, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
Richard Fillion wrote:
I installed ccc on my box to see if i could get better performance out
of some apps with it instead of gcc.  I followed these instructions :

This is ancient, you can now "apt-get install ccc" and follow the instructions so its script installs the ccc RPM "properly".
And ccc now runs, but i cant compile anything. rick@pwsrhix:~/dev/C$ cat helloworld.c #include <stdio.h>
      printf("Hello World\n");
rick@pwsrhix:~/dev/C$ ccc helloworld.c -o helloworld
cc: Severe: /usr/include/stdio.h, line 34: Cannot find file <stddef.h>
specified in #include directive. (noinclfilef)
# include <stddef.h>

I haven't seen this problem, but YMMV.

Note that I can't get cxx to work in unstable, but that shouldn't affect ccc.

Please let me know if uninstalling the aliened rpm and reinstalling via the .deb works.


-Adam P.

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