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Re: Debian on Digital 3305

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 07:07:40PM -0600, Richard Fillion wrote:
> I was never able to get any kernels to boot unless i marked them as
> Generic Alpha in menuconfig.  "cat /proc/cpuinfo" would say it was a
> Noritake though.  I literally tried all of the options in menuconfig,
> none worked except the Generic one.
> The burner was a Yamaha 4x2x6 scsi burner.  It would burn, but then the
> box would come to a haltwhile fixating the disk.  So i had to decide
> what mattered more to me, uptime or a cd every time i wanted to burn.  I
> had similar problems with an IDE burner i put in, only it would crash as
> soon as the burn started.

I know nothing about that particular machine but I had a very similar problem 
burning CDs on my pws433 and it turned out to be a bug in the ISP SCSI driver.
I replaced it with the one at http://www.feral.com/isp.html and now it works



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