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Re: ATI Rage 128 and UP2000/264DP board

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 12:04:59PM -0500, Martin Sanborn wrote:

> Oops. I should have been specific. It never recognizes the card, so
> the monitor never comes on. It does not reach the SRM console. I
> know it's not the card because I've tested it in other machines
> (PC164LX alpha and a PC). I also know the slot is ok, since another
> video card does work in that slot.

By "another video card", you mean another VGA, like ELSA Gloria Synergy?

> I'm pretty confident now that it's incompatible, but I figured I'd
> ask for anyone with experience before I call up the vendor and get a
> RMA for the card.

It's certainly not incompatible with DP264, as I've been running a
Rage 128 and a Radeon in one for more than 6 months, using SRM console
revs 5.8 and up.


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