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Re: ATI Rage 128 and UP2000/264DP board

Martin Sanborn <marty@delirium.cqe.nwu.edu> writes:

> On Tuesday 07 August 2001 11:47 am, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > Hello !
> > At which stage are the troubles ? Does it get into SRM (i.e. prompt) ?
> > Does it boot ? Does X have troubles ? Did you try a different board to
> > see if it's the cards fault ?
> Oops. I should have been specific. It never recognizes the card, so the 
> monitor never comes on. It does not reach the SRM console. I know it's not 
> the card because I've tested it in other machines (PC164LX alpha and a PC). I 
> also know the slot is ok, since another video card does work in that slot.
> I'm pretty confident now that it's incompatible, but I figured I'd ask for 
> anyone with experience before I call up the vendor and get a RMA for the card.

Did you try different slots. Maybe it doesn't like the 64 Bit PCI slot
or needs it.


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