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Re: ATI Rage 128 and UP2000/264DP board

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 12:19 pm, Rich Payne wrote:
> Ummm.....yes and no. Do you have a DP264 or UP2000? Your subject says one
> thing but the above text talks about a DP264. They are 2 different
> boards. Dp264 firmware comes from Compaq, if you downloaded it from the
> API site it just came from Compaq. Up2000 firmware is built inside API.

Well, that's not entirely clear. The original firmware on the machine was for
DP264, though all the instructions and other material that came with the
motherboard was labelled UP2000. The board itself doesn't have any obvious
label identifying either, though it does say (c) 1999 Alpha Processor. Maybe
that indicates a UP2000?

However, it appears that it was not installed in a proper slot. When I moved
it to the PCI slot closed to the edge of the board, it came right up. I was
under the impression that the "first" slot would be the one closest to the
processor. Also, it's interesting that while the ATI RagePro-based Xpert 98
runs fine in any slot, the ATI Rage128-based Xpert 128 will not.

Ugh. I had assumed this would be more complicated than it was. Thanks for the

Marty Sanborn


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