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Status of sym53c1010

	What is the current status of the Symbios 53c1010 chipset on
Alpha/2.4? Specifically I'm looking at the Tekram DC-390U3W & U3D. Runs
great for post-2.2.18 kernels on my x86, but is the driver known to work
on Alpha?

	The machine intended for is an AlphaStation XP900 (Tsunami) 
booting via SRM. Even if the kernel supports it, will there be any
problems with SRM if I remove the QLogic UW card and want to boot using
the symbios? 

						Alex Winbow
						UT High Energy Physics	


Alex Winbow        Houston/Austin     UT      
awinbow@mail.utexas.edu                E    
http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~awinbow      X    
~~~~I'd rather be sailing~~~~ _/)      S

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