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sym53c8xx SCSI Controller and Kernel 2.4.5 boot problems

I'm having problems booting the 2.4.5 kernel on my alpha machine. I've used 
both the stock kernel source (from kernel.org) and the debian kernel source 
with the same results. I believe it comes down to the sym53c875 SCSI 
controller in the machine. When I boot the new kernel, it will freeze after 
initializing the SCSI card while trying to identify what SCSI disks are 
present.  I've tried the sym53c8xx driver, the NCR 53c8xx driver, and the old 
NCR 53c7,8xx driver. Only the sym53c8xx driver gets to the point of 
attempting to ID the SCSI devices.

I should note that the generic 2.2.19-2 kernel in the 2.2r3 release works 
fine, and it uses the sym53c8xx driver. Also, (obviously), the version of the 
sym53c8xx driver is different in the 2.2.19 and 2.4.5 kernels.

In configuring the kernel, I have SCSI support, SCSI disk support, and SCSI 
CDROM support. In addition, I compile the sym53c8xx driver into the kernel, 
and no other drivers.

I found a note on another Alpha mailing list about someone having the same 
problem with the 2.4.test1 kernel, but no follow-up or solution was posted. 
Does anyone have suggestions? 

My setup:
21164A processor
EB164, variation PC164 type system
SMC  FDC37C93X Ultra  IO controller that contains:
   DEC Tulip ethernet controller
   sym53c875 SCSI controller
Debian woody/testing (except for X11 packages, which are from potato)

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