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Re: Status of sym53c1010

I've run several 53c1010 chipsets on Alpha using >2.2.18 kernels (including
one 2.4 kernel rev) without a problem...often for hours on end.  The driver
is quite stable and I've gotten good transfer rates out of it too :-)

As for the XP900, I'm not sure what they include in the SRM drivers,
although I wouldn't expect that they'd support the 1010.  So, you'll
probably have to keep the QLogic around to boot off of, unfortunately.
Compaq (read: Jay) can probably tell you more about whether or not the SRM
for that model supports that card (I'm pretty sure it doesn't...correct me
if I'm wrong, Jay).


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Subject: Status of sym53c1010

> What is the current status of the Symbios 53c1010 chipset on
> Alpha/2.4? Specifically I'm looking at the Tekram DC-390U3W & U3D. Runs
> great for post-2.2.18 kernels on my x86, but is the driver known to work
> on Alpha?
> The machine intended for is an AlphaStation XP900 (Tsunami)
> booting via SRM. Even if the kernel supports it, will there be any
> problems with SRM if I remove the QLogic UW card and want to boot using
> the symbios?
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