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Re: sym53c8xx SCSI Controller and Kernel 2.4.5 boot problems

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

> There are issues with the driver, but they shouldn't be showing up
> given the conditions that anyone here should be running with (certain
> machine states/booting procedures may leave a funky adapter in a
> very unusual state, but it's impossible to achieve that state using
> current boot methods, IIRC).
> I have an SX as well, with a Tekram 390F (53c875-based) and have had no
> problems at all either.  I'm scouring his kernel config to see what I can
> figure out...

	I'm afraid I have some problems with that card too. I've got a
hard drive and a cd burner attached to that controller, and the hard disk
works fine, but the cd burner doesn't. Random failures occur when reading
reading from it. One time, reading the toc gave a track length of 2^32.
Mostly I get media errors though.

	I've seen this happen before with one of the 2.2 kernels.


(sorry, no more details right now, it's late.)

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