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Re: sym53c8xx SCSI Controller and Kernel 2.4.5 boot problems

Martin Sanborn <marty@delirium.cqe.nwu.edu> writes:

> I'm having problems booting the 2.4.5 kernel on my alpha
> machine. I've used both the stock kernel source (from kernel.org)
> and the debian kernel source with the same results. I believe it
> comes down to the sym53c875 SCSI controller in the machine. When I
> boot the new kernel, it will freeze after initializing the SCSI card
> while trying to identify what SCSI disks are present.  I've tried
> the sym53c8xx driver, the NCR 53c8xx driver, and the old NCR
> 53c7,8xx driver. Only the sym53c8xx driver gets to the point of
> attempting to ID the SCSI devices.

Hmm, I use sym53c8xx without problems on 2.4.5 and now 2.4.6:

SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
sym53c8xx: at PCI bus 0, device 5, function 0
sym53c8xx: 53c875 detected with Symbios NVRAM
sym53c875-0: rev 0x3 on pci bus 0 device 5 function 0 irq 25
sym53c875-0: Symbios format NVRAM, ID 7, Fast-20, Parity Checking
sym53c875-0: on-chip RAM at 0xa090000
sym53c875-0: restart (scsi reset).
sym53c875-0: Downloading SCSI SCRIPTS.
scsi0 : sym53c8xx-1.7.3a-20010304
  Vendor: TEAC      Model: CD-ROM CD-516S    Rev: 1.0D
  Type:   CD-ROM                             ANSI SCSI revision: 02

So it can't be the driver alone... This is on a SX164.


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