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Re: alpha buildd

> > > By my daily list of out of date alpha packages, it looks like it's
> > > not really coping that well... Where are the build logs, so that
> > > manual fixing of stuff can be done without getting in the way of
> > > stuff that *does* get built correctly by the build daemon?
> > 
> > hmmm...i think it's coping quite well.  So far all the packages that do
> > fail to build have been packing problems except those listed on the web
> > site (http://build.tdyc.com/)  which is still incomplete...and of the 
> s/build/buildd/

yea. :)
> > 225 currently unbuilt packages, some are non-US which aren't built by the
> Hmm, my list (available via http://auric.debian.org/~paul/alpha/diff/ )
> shows about 280 out of date packages in main. Of course, that's
> binary packages, not source packages (which is estimated at 116,
> including packages already uploaded but not yet installed).
> There are also 85 source packages not yet built for alpha at all in
> main, but that's probably for a large part down to arch non-alpha.
> My concern was raised by the fact that my list has steadily grown in
> length from about 490 lines a month ago, to over 800 the last couple
> of days.

that is probably because within the past week/week and 1/2 all of KDE was
removed from the distribution. (for alpha).  Your list does not match what is
in wanna-build which is what the buildd works off of.
Ivan E. Moore II
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