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Re: alpha buildd

> By my daily list of out of date alpha packages, it looks like it's
> not really coping that well... Where are the build logs, so that
> manual fixing of stuff can be done without getting in the way of
> stuff that *does* get built correctly by the build daemon?

hmmm...i think it's coping quite well.  So far all the packages that do
fail to build have been packing problems except those listed on the web
site (http://build.tdyc.com/)  which is still incomplete...and of the 
225 currently unbuilt packages, some are non-US which aren't built by the
buildd, others are arch specific pacakges which just need to be verified and
either removed from w-b or have a bug filed against them.  Some are compilers
which require manual intervention due to self-dependencies or other stuff
which the buildd shouldn't be doing anyways...others have problems do to
them bing c++ w/ optimization...

and then of course the buildd just got kicked off for todays run right after
I got that 225 number...  a week ago we were at 50 packages needing built...
so with all the compiler issues we have been having I think that the buildd
is coping quite well.


Ivan E. Moore II
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