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Re: ITP: CPML and CXML alpha installer packages


The -2 CPML and CXML packages are up, same place.  I optimistically
closed the wnpp ITP "bug" in the cxml package changelog, but we'll see.

The CPU check (grep "cpu model" /proc/cpuinfo | cut -b 14-) from Thomas
seems to work, it allows overrides but issues a stern warning if
installing ev6 packages on ev5, and a milder one the other way around.
Also, the cxml doc-base registration works now, a careless omission
broke it earlier.

Can't say I'll have any other installer packages done by the end of the
week, but if there are no comments I'll upload these on Friday and ITP
ccc, cfalrtl and cfal.


-Adam P.

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