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Re: Nautilus, Mozilla and KDE

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 07:55:12PM -0500, Per Wigren wrote:
> Is anyone working on the Nautilus alpha-package?
why is it broken?  I could have sworn it got build last week...

> What about a newer Mozilla? 0.8.1 builds fine on Alpha Debian/Sid...
if it builds fine that the buildd will build it however I haven't seen it
hit the buildd... I didn't even know 0.8.1 was uploaded to unstable...

> And what about KDE? It still crashes...

sure does.  and a bug report has gone in to ftp.debian.org to have the alpha
debs removed from the distro.  

Chris does know what the problem is..it's just getting the fix implimented is
a rather large undertaking and not probable at the current time.


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