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Re: kernel and gcc version

On Saturday,  8 Apr, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> > 
> > Bootloader type (MILO, SRM) [SRM]?
> Or we could get rid of the config option and just always do like the
> generic kernels and detect it by reading the system serial number
> field in the HWRPB.... It's true that being able to select it makes
> the kernel slightly (very slightly) smaller and removes some branches,
> but this is pretty inconsequential compared to the gains you get by
> compiling for a specific platform in the first place.

I agree.  I believe the performance of the interrupt handlers will not get
hurt because they are already different for MILO and SRM cases anyway.
The stuff in startup/shutdown is not performance-critical at all.  So the
only penalty is a slight increase in the size of the kernel, which is
hardly an obstacle...


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