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Re: kernel and gcc version (was: cdrecord: Invalid argument. shmget failed)

roland@spinnaker.de said:

> I had some problems, but it seems that CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM in .config was
> the answer to my problems.  It seems, that this variable has to be set
> to yes, if you want to use aboot and it has to be set to no, if you
> want to use MILO.  I didn't find this documented somewhere, but it
> seems to work here this way...

That's correct.

This needs to go in the FAQ.

Another idea I had some time ago was in order to make it even more explicit
to users, the config option should be changed to a multi-choice, i.e.

Bootloader type (MILO, SRM) [SRM]?

(Feel free to suggest something better and I might get around to sending it
to Linus.)
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