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Alpha XL366 machine checks on 2.3.99-pre3

Just managed to build 2.3.99-pre3 on a Alpha XL366 system, but system
gave me some machine checks and hangs right after fsck:

CIA Machine Check: vector=0x670 pc=0xfffffc000031d138 code=0x98
Machine check type: processor detected hard error

Any body managed to build and boot 2.3.99-preX on an Alpha?

1. Compiling on 2.3.99-pre3 will bomb out at md.c, around line 40.
Return value of sys_setsid should be long instead of int.
2. Disable PCMCIA support as it bombs out.
3. Disable BINFMT_EM86 support as it bombs out too..

Wai-Sun "squidster" Chia

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