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Re: plip-problem on 164LX

On Mon 03 Apr 2000, Marius Hillenbrand wrote:

> works. The same happens, when I cat to /dev/lp0 with the activated irq.
> Without the irq set, cat works to /dev/lp0.
> I have a LX164 with a 21164a 533Mhz and 128MB RAM. Debian 2.1 is installed
> on it at the moment.
> What might be the problem, perhaps a hardware defect :-( ??

What kernel? Maybe the interrupt is wrong, or conflicting with something

> BTW: What soundcards run on alphalinux ?

I use an old GUS, works fine. A SB16 worked as well, although I had lots
of problems with sound playback "stuttering" (DMA starvation is my
diagnosis). However, I changed a lot of variables since that happened
(GUS instead of SB16, QLogic 1040 instead of QLogic 1020, and QLogic in
a different PCI slot). My opinion is that it was the QLogic and/or the
slot it was in.  Now the sound playback is perfect, never any stopping
(I use xmms). Oh yeah, in case you don't know: both the GUS and SB16 are
ISA cards; I have an XLT-366.

Paul Slootman
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