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Re: Java on debian/alpha

After playing with it some more ...

Jikes just needs the additional classpath for the swing jar but kaffee
needs to also have the current directory.

$export CLASSPATH=.:/usr/opt/swing/-1.1.1cfc/swingall.jar

That CLASSPATH will add the swing set and keep both jikes and kaffe
functional. Note kaffe is working with the jar file.  I haven't had
any problems with that.

Using even the most basic swing components does cause stack overflows as
pointed out.  Therefore the kaffe jvm needs a bigger minimum stack
space.  I am not sure of the syntax, but this seemed to work:

$java -ss4mb MyClass

Is there a way to integrate swing so that it is available transparent
to users?  There seem to be lots of configuration files availabe with
the java-common, java-compiler, and java-virtual-machine.  Of course,
at this point it is not so much a debian/Alpha issue and more of me
just learing how to tweak the debian scripts.

    Martin> like 4MB. (It's a command line option, I can't remember
    Martin> which one and Java is no longer on box, thank God :-))

    Why do you say that?

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Lucina <mato@kotelna.sk> writes:

    Martin> dowdingg@math.uaa.alaska.edu said:
    >> After tweaking the .java_wrapper script to be debian compliant,
    >> I have run into a more serious issue.  It looks like the thread
    >> library is expecting a mach kernel.

    Martin> That's correct, and there's nothing we can do about it.

    >> Any help/advice would be appreciated.  I have been using jikes
    >> and kaffe, but they do not have support for swing.  I have also
    >> been trying to get swing (from sun) to work with those two
    >> packages.  jikes seems to compile with some warnings.  However
    >> kaffe cannot seem to find/use the classes.

    Martin> I managed to get swing to work with kaffe on about 75% of
    Martin> the examples. I vaguely recall that I couldn't get it to
    Martin> find the classes either, I then worked around it by
    Martin> unzipping them and pointing kaffe at the unzipped
    Martin> swingall.jar tree.

    Martin> Later I got it to work with the .jar directly, if I
    Martin> remember how I'll post it to this list. Also, if you find
    Martin> that Swing apps on Kaffe crash with Stack Overflow
    Martin> exceptions, change the minimum stack size to something
    Martin> like 4MB. (It's a command line option, I can't remember
    Martin> which one and Java is no longer on box, thank God :-))

    Martin> I also tried to get Swing to run with Uncle George's JDK
    Martin> 1.2 from alphalinux.org, but I would always get blank
    Martin> white windows, which struck me as strange.

    Martin> Cheers,

    Martin> -- Martin Lucina http://www.kotelna.sk/mato/ Wellington,
    Martin> New Zealand I've always been mad I know I've been mad like
    Martin> the most of us are Pretty hard to explain why you're a
    Martin> madman even if you're not mad



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