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Re: plip-problem on 164LX

Marius Hillenbrand <marius@sirius.inka.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I've got a strange problem on my 164LX.
> When I want to use plip to connect it to a x86-machine, I have to set an IRQ
> for parport0. AlphaBIOS shows IRQ7 and base 0x3bc for LPT1 but Linux doesn't

You allways have to do that for plip (don´t ask me why, but I never got it
to work without), best to do it in the module setup. Do it on x86 as well.

> detect the IRQ. plip complains about the missing IRQ so I've set it to 7 via
> /proc/parport/0/irq. I can then config the plip0-device with the correct ip and
> pointopoint-ip, but when any traffic, for example pings, is sent over the
> link, I get a "plip-timeout" and a few seconds after that my alpha hangs.

Strange, I had plip working for hours without problems with 2.0.5 (I think) 
connected to my laptop before I got my pcmcia network card.

> The cursor still blinks, but neither ctrl-Alt-Del nor a blind "reboot"
> works. The same happens, when I cat to /dev/lp0 with the activated irq.
> Without the irq set, cat works to /dev/lp0.
> I have a LX164 with a 21164a 533Mhz and 128MB RAM. Debian 2.1 is installed
> on it at the moment.

Is that a "Ruffian" system? I have a Ruffian.

> What might be the problem, perhaps a hardware defect :-( ??
> BTW: What soundcards run on alphalinux ?

Seems to depend on the exact architecture, My friend and I have different
alphas but the same Soundcard. I haven´t got it to work (everytime I play
sound everything hangs just like with your plip). Could be a Software
problem, because since my last kernel recompile any cdrom aktivity has the
same problem.

> Bye and happy alpha-linuxing,
> Marius Hillenbrand

May the Source be with you.

PS: Recompile kernel with plip and pararlel as modules with "make dep; make 
clean" to make sure all is made with the same gcc.

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