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plip-problem on 164LX

I've got a strange problem on my 164LX.
When I want to use plip to connect it to a x86-machine, I have to set an IRQ
for parport0. AlphaBIOS shows IRQ7 and base 0x3bc for LPT1 but Linux doesn't
detect the IRQ. plip complains about the missing IRQ so I've set it to 7 via
/proc/parport/0/irq. I can then config the plip0-device with the correct ip and
pointopoint-ip, but when any traffic, for example pings, is sent over the
link, I get a "plip-timeout" and a few seconds after that my alpha hangs.
The cursor still blinks, but neither ctrl-Alt-Del nor a blind "reboot"
works. The same happens, when I cat to /dev/lp0 with the activated irq.
Without the irq set, cat works to /dev/lp0.
I have a LX164 with a 21164a 533Mhz and 128MB RAM. Debian 2.1 is installed
on it at the moment.
What might be the problem, perhaps a hardware defect :-( ??

BTW: What soundcards run on alphalinux ?

Bye and happy alpha-linuxing,
Marius Hillenbrand

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